Our foundation for achieving optimal health is centered on hormonal balance and cellular regeneration. The basis of thyroid balance is essential in any functional health or holistic program. The thyroid is like the Grand Central Railway Station, regulating most of our bodily functions and thus effecting it at a cellular level. If it is not balanced, our quality of life deteriorates, as we struggle to get through life every day. As we age, the body's cellular energy lessens. Sedentary lifestyle, stress, poor diet and environmental toxins escalate the decline even further. Thyroid dysfunction can negatively affect the neurological, heart, skeletal, muscles, kidneys and hormone-producing tissues in our bodies.

Small but vital, the Thyroid is the "master controller" of metabolism and plays a key roll in our health and well-being. Thyroid disorders tend to run in families, therefore it is hereditary.



​Thyroid and other related disorders